9/30/2017 - Euthymia is out.  Get you some!

8/30/2017 - Euthymia will be released digitally on September 29th!  A few new twists, turns & sounds, but you'll like it!

8/14/2017 - Lil' Johnny is now mixing & mastering the new RT album (Euthymia).  Will let you know when it's out of the bag...

5/22/2017 - Don't worry, folks.  We're well into the 4th album.  Will be out this year!

12/28/2016 - DOAI makes Close to the Prog's Top 10 list for favorite album of 2016.  Thanks, guys!

11/28/2016 - Managing Editor David Randall of "Get Ready to Rock" listed "New World" as one of his favorite albums of 2016.  Thanks, David!


11/15/2016 - Matt will be on JD's show on 103.3 FM in Asheville between 2-4 EST this Thursday (11/17).  It will be streaming as well...  Oh yeah - here's the link:  http://www.ashevillefm.org/closer-to-the-edge/11/2016/meet-matt-mayes-and-hear-selections-from-devil-on-an-indian

10/28/2016 - Devil on an Indian is out.  Buy it!  Make us money.  We're starving, dammit!

10/26/2016 - Stuck two new videos up - ("Red Giant & "Ten Bears").  Enjoy!

10/25/2016 - "Devil on an Indian" CD's AND all digital forms will be out this Friday the 28th.  Happy Halloween and all that good stuff!

10/11/2016 - "Devil on an Indian" will be released world-wide on 10/28.  The CD's are already in, and will hopefully be ready via CD Baby here in the next week or so.  Will let y'all know exactly when.

​​8/29/2016 - Happy to report that Edwin McCain is singing on the new Raptor Trail CD (Devil on an Indian)! Looks like our new release date is November 4th, so y'all BUY it!

Edwin just put out a new EP: 

Buy it while you're buying, as it's great stuff!

8/2/2016 - We have finished recording the 3rd Raptor Trail CD to be named "Devil on an Indian"!  That's right - we're gonna get 2 CD's out in the same year.  Looking for a release date of the end of October as of now, so stay tuned...

6/28/2016 - Since the majority of our fans seem to be outside of the US (certainly no problem for us!), we've installed a translation button on each page to hopefully make your stay here a little more enjoyable.  

5/31/2016 - New interview with Lil' Johnny at Music Street Journal

5/11/2016 - New reviews posted in (of all things!) the review section.

5/2/2016 - New interview with Lil' Johnny on Via Nocturna (Portugal) right HERE.

4/25/2016 - Posted new reviews from France and Belgium.

4/7/2016 - New review from The Daily Vault posted and another review from Distorsioni out of Italy.

3/27/2016 - Just found out we're getting airplay in Portugal on 105.4 Cascais.  Thanks, guys!

3/26/2016 - Nice review from "Get Ready to Rock"!

3/25/2016 - Lil' Johnny does an interview HERE with the fine folks at MusicGuy247.  Thanks, Robert!

3/23/2016 - Added lyrics to "Time Slide Onward" and "Blue Highway" on the Song Stories page.  I didn't know they weren't on there!  Thank you, Walter Early!

3/22 2016  New review from Music in Belgium.

3/16/2016 - Stuck up a couple of reviews from Russell Trunk's online Exclusive Magazine and Midwest Record.  We DO sometimes indulge in perky music!

3/15/2016 - Got a nice new review from JP's Music Blog - stuck it on the review page...

3/14/2016 - New album is out, and we are getting some great responses to it.  Thank you VERY much for supporting us.

On another note, we've also noticed that there are a good number of assholes out there trying to distribute it for free via torrents/.rar files.  After checking quite a few (and we HAVE also notified the file sharing hosts), a LARGE number of these freebies have viruses all in them.  The album is good, but is it worth screwing up your PC?  

To the people giving it out - if you will send us your cars, homes and families for a copy, we'll accept that as a fair trade!  C'mon, man.  It's people like you that are stomping out new music.  Most musicians will just quit because they don't want the headache.

I should also point out, though, that we've got enough faith in the intelligence of the type people who listen to our music to know that they aren't going to mess with these "freebie" files, so there's always that!

Thanks.  Rant over!

3/11/2016 - New album is OUT.  You can find it anywhere.  Please buy it!  All we need is enough money to buy sticks, strings and a few bottles of liquor.  That's not asking for much!

We're about 4 songs into recording the NEXT album as well.  Why stop when it's fun?  Our goal is to try to get 2 albums out per year.  We might not be able to tour, but we're gonna make sure you get plenty of new stuff along the way....  If you like it - spread the word!  If you don't - change the channel!

3/4/2016 - Got write up's going up all over the place now!  Also - Matt did an interview with Simon Barrett at BlogTalkRadio yesterday.  Due to the wonderful world of technology, you can hear it here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/simon-barrett/2016/03/03/the-week-in-reviews--the-raptor-trail

3/1/2016 - New write up in BWW:  http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwmusic/article/The-Raptor-Trail-to-Release-Highly-Anticipated-Second-Album-New-World-20160301

 Music Industry News Network: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=189808​
The Musician's Page:  ​http://www.musicianspage.com/forums/general/introduceband/5743/

2/21-2/24 - Matt & Lil' Johnny get together at Deerwoode, drink too much, but end up writing a new "concept song".  Could be 30 minutes - who knows!

2/20/2016 - New CD's are IN.  We will let y'all know as soon as they are available on all the usual outlets...

​2/8/2016 - The new CD (New World) is now being manufactured.  If everything goes well - we should be getting them shipped by next week!  Will be digitally released world-wide on March 11.  Keep your pants up!

2/2/2016 - Posted a new review from "Metalliville" on the review page, as well as a new interview with Matt recorded today.
Mayes Interview

1/27/2016 - Put up new video for "Stone By Stone".  New CD will hopefully be ready for human consumption in Late February/Early March, and Redeye Worldwide Distribution will release it world wide (as the name would imply) digitally on 3/11/2016.

1/26/2016 - Put up all the new stories behind the songs coming up on new CD in "Song Stories".  It's a book!

1/26/2016 - Put up new "New World" video up on You Tube.  Link in video section.

1/22/2016 - Put up "Song Stories".  More work than thought!

1/22/2016 - Big thanks to Wildman Steve Radio in Auburn, Alabama for naming "The Raptor Trail" as one of their top albums for 2015.  Thanks Steve, and WAR EAGLE! 

1/21/2016 - This is Lil' Johnny.  Just about finished getting the new website up.  I really know nothing about doing HTML, hence, I shall never pretend to do as such.  Hope this isn't a train-wreck in progress!